Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A day in Venice, California

Venice is one part funk, another part hip, and all together lovable.  Venice is both electric and eclectic and will steal your heart in just 24 hours.  Here's what I like to do in what has been deemed the new "Silicon Valley."

Cup of Joe  A day in Venice can't start until you've hit Intelligentsia.  The coffee here is bar none the best in the west!

Brunch Only a hop, skip, and jump from Intelligentsia is the fabulous Gjelina.  The Chia pudding and ricotta pancakes pack a knockout punch of deliciousness.

Shop till you drop Abbot Kinney has a gazillion boutiques all chalked full of hipster clothing.  Two of my favorites are Milkmade and Satine.

Lunch Lemonade is a childhood fantasy and responsible healthy conscience combined.  They have every lemonade drink combo you can think of and dozens of healthy salads to pick from, not to mention their vast array of deserts.......yum.

Venice Canals Not to be missed.  Makes you ponder...Am I in California or Italy?

Sunset High Rooftop Lounge Hello view!  Its a panoramic of not only the city, but also the coastline.  I like to take it all in with the accompaniment of their "The Summer Crush" libation.

Dinner Scopa Delish italian fare.  The chopped salad and polenta are my faves.

Slumber Party Hotel Erwin There is not a lot of choices in Venice, but when you have the best who needs the rest?  Erwin is chic and the perfect crash pad for the night(s).

A perfect sunset from the top of the Erwin .... does it get any more romantic?

A birds eye view of the enchanting Venice Canal community.

There's a sidewalk that runs all around the water that you can use to explore the canals and their picturesque landscape. 

Photos by Andrew Savelyev


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