Sunday, June 12, 2016

A trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico isn't on the top of many vacation spots "not to be missed" but after spending a long weekend there I'm here to tell you a lot of peeps are missing out!  This sleepy, little, art town has a lot to offer from gourmet food to hikes to art galleries.  Hey, I even had a Paul Rudd sighting so it can't be all bad! Here's the 4-1-1 on the oldest state capital city in the United States.

Breakfast Cafe Pasqual's is beyond delicious.... but expect a wait.  They don't take breakfast resy's but put in your name, grab a coffee to go and since it's in the heart of downtown walk around and work up an appetite because the portions are huge!

Sights to See Loretto Chapel's mysterious staircase.  With no support, no nails, and the identity of it's builder unknown, it is a perplexing and breathtaking sight rolled into one.

Lunch La Boca tapas restaurant is a great destination for a yummy lunch. If you like shrimp, order the Gambas al Ajillo. It has flavor for days.

Shopping The art galleries on Canyon Road can't be missed.  You'll need a small fortune to purchase anything but it is fun to window shop and dream.  

Where to stay Hilton of Santa Fe is historic yet updated to enjoy all the modern luxuries! Some of the other historic hotels don't have updated pipes in their bathrooms but the Hilton does so it gets my stamp of approval.

Hiking Bandelier National Monument.  The hike is easy and the cliff dwellings, kivas, and ancestral pueblo homes are a must see.  

Dinner Geronimo is gourmet and very fancy.  Make a resy, wear your Sunday best, expect 5 star service, and of course the food will melt in your mouth!  

The windy staircase made an appearance on the show "Unsolved Mysteries."  Totally worth the price of admission ($3/per person).

With a close look you can see there aren't any nails on the risers!

The remnants of the ancient Pueblo homes.

Inside the cliff dwellings the temperature feels at least 10-20 degrees cooler, which made for a great escape on this hot day.

The dirt inside this little church about 1/2 north of Santa Fe is considered holy and has been known to heal people.  As you leave the room with a hole to give you access to the dirt there is a long wide hall of crutches and leg braces.  


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