Friday, March 23, 2012

LA Fashion Weekend

OK so it's not NYC Fashion Week, but LA Fashion Weekend is a great foray into the minds of a select group of designers.  I attended the Friday night show and unlike in the past, hollywood fashionistas actually showed up?  There was a line to kingdom come and the show's producer, Mickey Koffman, had one hell of a time trying to navigate the huge turnout around the prying eyes of the present fire marshall.  After waiting 45 minutes in a grumbling crowd, like the parting of the red sea, the tent's side walls opened and everyone was ushered in to standing room only.  

 Mikey kicking off Friday night.....

The photographers positioned at the end of the runway ready to snap away.

Betsey Johnson was first to debut and she stuck with her traditional Rock and Roll Princess looks. The white ultra feminine dress was my fave, but after watching her show I'm wondering if I need to add a sin hiding tutu to my collection?  

Next up on the catwalk was frocks from Vilorija. Almost all of her dresses were black with shiny little additions which I didn't much care for, however her ONE red dress was a home-run!  I thought it was understandable and right on trend with the tan lace details.   

Last but not least on Friday night was Dina Bar-El. The show-stopper in her collection was the blue one shoulder gown.  Though I don't know if the chicken or the egg came first, it did remind me of the white atelier Versace dress Angelina Jolie wore to the Golden Globes this year.

And here's little 'ol me working the red carpet.

I'm wearing:

Blazer - BCBG
Top - Patterson
Bra - Victoria's Secret
Leather Pants - Zara
Bag - Robert Gandolf
Earrings - Cara

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