Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello Yellow

What's in a color?  Prior to sporting the number below, I would have said, "not much," and ranked all colors equally.  Oh contraire.  These little neon bursts of sunshine were head turners.  Never have I had so many inquires as to where to buy my submarine colored accessories.  From now on, when it comes to accessorizing, I'll be following the Yellow Brick Road.

Blouse - Aritzia
Pants - Theory (old but similar here)
Necklace - Ann Taylor (sold out)
Nails/Tootsies - OPI Don't Touch My Tutu

Friday, April 20, 2012

Back to the Future

Over the weekend, I hopped in the DeLorean, punched it up to 88, and traveled back to 1969.  At Woodstock, aka Coachella, the terrain was picturesque enclosed by mountains and surrounded by palm trees.  It was the perfect canvas for booming music, art, fashion, and billowy clouds.  Everyone (yo tambien) was decked to the nine's in hippie chic couture which meant cutoffs, headbands, fringe, feathers, and tie-dye galore...Ms. Jagger had nothing on us!  I hopped, skipped, shook my groove thing, and even broke out into cartwheels in celebration of the '69 (and Tupac) resurrection.  Like all good things, though, Sunday rolled around and now, alas, (until next year) it’s back to life, back to reality in 2012. 

Monday, April 9, 2012


We gonna rock down to.......Electric Avenue.........and then we'll take it higher.  Time warp back to the 80's and Neon is back and better than ever!  Gone are the days of door knocker earrings, football shoulder pads, and stir-up pants that flattered no one; however here to stay is color you can see from the moon.  With my canary colored pants and my orange julius nails I'm ready for my lunar descent.

Bracelet - Juicy Couture
Jeans - Zara
Ring - Made it in Jewelry class
Necklace - Expressions 
Blouse - Aritizia
Nails - Island Girl Hawaii
Shoes - Guess (old)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flowers Part Deux

Since my first flower post proved to be extremely successful in the happiness department, it seemed like it would be a horrible SIN not to do a round II.  Much like one could argue Christmas Vacation is better than the original flick, the jury is still out on my flower posts.  Last time the flowers were down low and this time they're up top.......Hypothesis:  It doesn't matter where they're placed, if buds are present smiles ensue.

Can't see the line, can you Russ?  Sit down and shut up....move out of your seat (and dare to stop reading this blog) and I'll split your lip!

Jacket - Truth and Pride
Blouse - Vince
Shoes - Pour La Victorie (old)
Handbag - Rebecca Minkoff
Bracelets - BR, and oldies but goodies
Ring - Anthropologie
Nails - Essi Smokin Hot

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